Looking Forward

Looking back over my Staffrm and WordPress blog posts, it seems I’m quite partial to a half term musing. Today is no different. It’s obviously the luxury of time, half term holidays being that golden opportunity to catch up on much neglected hobbies; reading, writing, photography, gardening, even colouring in.

Right now though, the last day of my half term holiday feels a little different to the recent ones. They ran thusly:

Christmas – a feeling of doom and gloom at the thought of the dark morning get-ups and the dreaded January term. Always the most difficult and the one where a lot of people, unsurprisingly, find the job just too hard to carry on with.

February – The exam season was coming up. Lots of stress involving Year 11. If I remember rightly, the last day of this half term triggered a mini meltdown as I marked Y11 mocks and realised just how much work we still had to do if they were to have any hope of being exam-ready.

April/Easter – A stressful half term holiday as I spent most of it writing a job application letter to become Subject Leader of English and deciding whether or not to join Teaching Leaders. This was the half term in which I downloaded the Headspace app and brought a hamster so that I had something else to focus on. (The headspace app has now gone, the hamster – Rocket, is still here and she’s super!)

And now? Well, I’m excited. I got the Subject Leader job, as most of my lovely Twitter friends will know, having helped me with interview questions and sending lots of positive vibes my way. So now I’m looking forward to the final half term.

I’m looking forward to meeting with my friends and colleagues to plan exciting new things for September.

I’m looking forward to finishing Reading Reconsidered and a bunch of other edu books so that I can poach all of their ideas.

I’m looking forward to Northern Rocks, T&L Leeds, becoming a Teaching Leaders Fellow (assessment centre is next week so fingers crossed!).

I’m looking forward to Sports Day, my favourite day of the school year where my tutor group make banners and go wild cheering each other on.

I’m looking forward to seeing my brilliant Y11 class tomorrow for the last time before their final English exam.

I’m looking forward to meeting all the new people that will be joining our epic team in September.

It’s a relief to feel happy about going back to school. I certainly know that isn’t the case for everyone and to those people I offer Dory’s motto: “Just Keep Swimming.” We’ll get there soon.

I hope you all have something to look forward to over the next 7 weeks. Enjoy!



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